product videos

Have professional product videos created
for your online shop. your website or even
as social media content . reels . paid ads . creatives

Through e.g. close-ups, changing perspectives but also effects like the play of light&shadow, use of water, … impressive & exciting product videos are created that immediately catch people’s attention and arouse their interest.

Exciting & aesthetic PRODUCT VIDEOS
catch the attention of the user on social media but
also of your potential customers online.

You receive appealing videos in the desired format for the respective platform / intended use with individual staging of your product. On request also with:

  • Text overlays to inform customers about features of the product or to convey important messages.
  • Logo insertion
  • Suitable music
  • 360° rotation to present your product from all sides


product video

product video JEWELLERY

Our cooperation – the production process:

Based on your inquiry, a free consultation will be provided in a timely and uncomplicated manner.
You will receive a detailed offer – if it suits you, 50% will be paid.
Shipping products
After placing the order the products can be shipped.
Creation of videos
After receiving your products we will start filming immediately to meet the agreed delivery date.
Transmission of videos
After completion you will receive a download link to the finished footage.
Return shipment of productsThe products will be returned to you.


Product video costs

The costs for product videos (length approx. 20 sec.) are determined individually for you based on a wide variety of requirements and wishes (such as models or special decorations like fresh flowers, …). Simple productions start at € 790,– (excl. VAT).

FAQ – frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of product videos?

. Appealing product videos can increase your conversion rate.
. Videos are easier to consume than text content.
. Product videos help customers better understand the product, reducing ambiguity.
. Product videos can increase the time spent on your website and are therefore good for the Google ranking of your website / webshop (search engine optimization = SEO).
. The return rate can be reduced, because customers can get a better picture of the products in advance through the video format.
. Time saving – product videos can describe your products more efficiently than long text does.
. Product videos can be used in many ways – whether on your various social media channels, for your paid ads, your webshop, your website, in your newsletter – everywhere you can use your product videos to convince people of your products.

Is it possible to receive product photos with the product videos?

Yes, product photos can be created and delivered on request – more information at

Product video prices – is a quantity discount possible?

Yes, of course you will receive a quantity discount from 3 ordered videos.

When do I have to pay for the product video?

50% of the quote must be paid when the order is placed in writing. The remaining payment will be made immediately after completion/receipt of the finished product video.

What kind of product videos are not offered?

Animated explainer videos are not offered.

How long does it take to produce the videos after the order is placed?

A deadline will be agreed upon with your request. Usually, the production takes about 2 weeks from the receipt of your products. However, for special requests, these 2 weeks can be exceeded.

I would like to order a product video – in which format will I receive it?  

Your needs will be evaluated at the time of your request. You will receive videos in your desired format such as 1:1, 9:16, 16:9 or 4:5. You must keep in mind that videos are filmed and edited specifically in this format for you – a subsequent change is therefore not possible. In case of several desired formats, this requires clarification in advance.

Can I make changes to the created product video?

After a concept has been created, it will be discussed with you and the video will be produced on the basis of this. A feedback loop is included, where minor changes or simple adjustments can be made. Beyond that, changes can be made for an agreed fee.

What rights do I own to the produced product video?

After payment has been made and the video has been submitted, you will generally receive all rights of use for online use. For productions with models, separate rights must be issued..

How do I receive the finished product videos?

After completion of your ordered product videos, a link for download will be sent to you.

How do I get my products back?

After the videos are finished, your products will be returned to you immediately.

I would like to have a product video created and need a freelancer / agency in Austria . Germany . DACH . Worldwide – is this the right place for me?   

Yes, we work with end customers B2B as well as support for agencies – products can also be sent to us internationally.